Friday, 6 February 2015

Flippity Flop It's February!

Recently finished up a few doodles I started last year which I kinda fancied but never got around to finishing.
Until nowwww

Now, on to badly drawn silly things I've scribbled so far in my first sketchbook of 2015 :V 
Been a while since I shared sketchbook shizz

One of the sketches I did while trying to figure out what I wanted to for Qpop's 'Unicats and Caticorns' show.
I actually really like this sketch but I went with something sillier because, WHY NOT 8V

Based on the dress from Valentino shown below.

Wanted to go over these ladies with the brush pen but too afraid to ink my sketches nowadays.
Shaky and rusty hands

Really into drawing potted plants and stuff recently after flooding my mind with pictures on pinterest.
Tried to put those plants in a room, got reminded of how I always just throw perspective out the window

Super inspired by momoro today so I drew some foxes!

Oh, and inspired by Marc Boutavant as well because I finally got to read 'The Day No One Was Angry', it's such a beautifully illustrated book!
So I drew another fox for a new profile picture

That's all folks!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Last post of 2014

The year is almost over. Say whaaaatt.
So here's some recent things, most of which are probably already posted on twitter.
Birthdays, foxes and Christmas covered update ahead!
A lot of Christmas.

 Gift birthday painting for the super fantastic, Krys !

Another Gift birthday painting for the twins of Weaving Clouds, we got to work with them for a thing which I hope to share with everyone next year!

Tadahiro Uesugi inspired doodle.
His work is always so beautiful, GOSH.

AND Another gift birthday painting, for a really sweet friend.

Dalmatian based on the beautiful Kyla.
Just look at her!

I want to draw more dalmatians.

Lil christmas things for lotsa' wonderful people


I submitted a thing for Naomi's Corgi Zine Project and I was struggling with the colours during my first go at it, so thought I'd post both versions. Really wasn't feeling that first attempt.
There's still one or two little things I like about it but ditched it and  decided to have another go at it but by doing a rough colour thumbnail kinda thing. I usually just get right into colouring and fix things as I go but this is one of those times a colour thumbnail thingy is needed.

Yesterday's lil celebratory doodle after rushing work stuff because...

These two fellas are getting on a plane tonight to spend christmas with my sister at Disneyland and we're going to hang around London until 1st of january! Whoop whoop

Here's pip all geared up for the cold with a lousy scarf I made.
He deserves better, after not having anything last year, hopefully I'll make him a coat next year.

Welp, that's it, thank you for bearing with my silly blabber and shizz.
Happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

On the sunny side of the street

Jun Kawabara was in Singapore for his around the world 1000 hair cut mission thingy which is super cool.
Painted a shiba as a thank you for the haircut!
Gotta get used to drawing me with short hair now.
Doo doo doo

Daily Doodle's Ballerina bear topic

Officially switched to the cintiq at work so doodled a dude to make it official.

Lil quick birthday painting for the ever so sweet, Pamela

Friday, 5 September 2014

Silly Frog King

Been asked if I could show my painting process some time ago,
decided to take a few screen caps while I doodle a silly thing.
My 'painting style' varies a teeny bit some times but the general process is pretty much the same.

Silly sketch first.
I actually like to grab any colour and draw out the basic shape and see what goes on from there because I can't wait to mess with colours. (This is just for digital stuff)
I'm learning to sketch first recently. :V

In goes base colours.

Next up, I'll start adding shadows/highlights.
Which is when my layers start to get really messy because I tend to add in certain details first before all the 'shading' is done.
I'll tweak colours during this process too.

Per colour, I'll usually pick a light & dark, and for more shadows,
I'll always use layers of blues or purples with the layer set to multiply/normal but with the opacity lowered.
I really need to expand my colour palette!

More shading and detail adding.
More layers appearing and they ain't even named. orz

Didn't manage to take a screen cap of this before I deleted the layer but,
Wanted him/her (I don't even know haha; _ ;)to have green spots/patches in the face but it wasn't working so tiny cheek freckles instead.

Finally, sometimes, I will add in a silly background which probably doesn't count as a background at all.
And recently, learnt to add in rays of light. It's addictive. Didn't add that in this though.

So yeah. That's about it.
This is, I think slightly more rendered than what I would usually do but, doesn't matter if it's a simple doodle or one with attempted lighting
the process is kinda all the same and simple, I hope.

sketch/base shapes > highlights & shadows > attempting to add details > maybe naming my layers

Also, a lot of heading tilting side to side is involved. I don't know how I'm not getting neck cramps.

Really just going with my gut most of the time, and going with the flow.
"This doesn't feel right" is pretty much all that my brain thinks about while I paint. orz

WELP, hope this was interesting!

Man, that background is so dumb, haha

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Augusty Things

Things from August from the time I got back from the Japan trip~

Eli & Oli inspired girls!
Anyone else has spent days looking at their work?
*I'm not creepy I swear*

A lady was walking in front of me one morning and I decided to try drawing her from memory.
I have really bad memory

Go check out his work cause they are made of magic.

Re-watched Alice in Wonderland with my sister and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Been listening to the title music on repeat too.

Fellow mole bro, Timmy, draws the most adorable moles & I just had to draw some

Bears because of Animal Sweater Sunday!

Finally watched 'Nocturna' after forever and it is too lovely!
And the animation & designs and. Well. Everything!

For the ever amazing Krys & Abby <3


I wanted to do up a post with photos from my Tokyo trip but I'm setting up a tumblr blog for it instead.
Still in the midst of editing the photos so will let you guys know the link when I'm done!