Friday, 15 June 2012

Making Friends.

Started a new sketchbook and thought I put up what I have so far!

Nothing to be afraid of! 
All they want is to make friends but humans seem to not like them so they decided to live under the stairs where humans don't usually visit. 

I had some loose pieces of label stickers so decided to put them into good use(?)
Also, how can I not start my sketchbook with monsters?


Let me introduce a few new friends of mine!

on the left:


He likes to live in your sock drawer or any place cozy in your room.
His fur may look a little scary but he is actually very shy and friendly!


in the middle:


She lives in your garden.
If you don't have one, sometimes you can find her in your pots of plants.
Dotty will not eat your plants and flowers, in fact,
she helps them grow better!
But if you do see her sometimes, it would be nice to offer her fruit bits.


on the right:


He lives among the clouds but sometimes he would sit on your window sill.
Cloody is very shy(even more than Wooly),
he is so shy that you can't even see his face, but you can see his little red cheeks!


I hope you like them!
If you ever do see them, take a photo or draw a little portrait of them.
They travel a lot so do not stay around for long.
You can secretly do it or ask them nicely,
they like their photos taken.


A little series of monsters I hope to start in this sketchbook!
And also, hopefully will be able to make them into postcards.

I shall end my post here then,
will update soon!

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