Saturday, 23 June 2012

Something New.

It's 5:51am right now.

• • •

I hope what I'm about to say would be good/exciting(?) news for you guys!
Cause' I'm pretty excited about it

I've always wanted to have works be made into
stickers, printed on T-shirts etc.

I finally went about to making my works available online!

I'm still trying to sort some things out
but a few (only 2, sadly) is up for sale and I wanted to break the news to you guys!

Preview of a sticker which is available on

I'll definitely have more stuff up so I do hope you guys will look forward to that.
(Especially stickers!)

I'll be on Society6 as well but I'm not done with setting it up yet.

Works that will be up for sale would probably be posted on my Tumblr.
This blog would be more for sketches, photos and me blabbering a lot now.

If you guys do ever purchase my works,
I really appreciate it and a really big THANK YOU!

• • •

I think I like drawing fish with legs.

I'm not good with words so I tend to blabber a lot
I shall end my post here.

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