Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cool Week.

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List of cool stuff that happened this week:

1. I have 100 followers on Instagram?!
I can't even explain how happy 
I am right now!
You guys are awesome. Seriously.♥

2. I witness a dude roller blading alongside

3. I got Mickey Mouse themed spoon & fork.
I feel like such a kid!

4. Got lots of books to read during the holidays.

5. Bought a lil' kit for needle felting. 
Can't wait to start on it!

6. Got "The Lorax" stickers that came with the DVD

7. I printed my first children's book!
(It's a school assignment but still)


I'll try to find a way to put up the book here or on my tumblr
so you guys can take a peek inside!

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