Saturday, 16 March 2013

I like being Santa Claus.

It's been incredibly long since I last updated this place and I'm so sorry about that!
I promise I'll post up doodles and stuff about my life real soon

But for this post,
it's going to be about a mini giveaway of mini paintings I did on Instagram because there's over 500 amazingly lovely people following me, I'm j-
no words can describe how happy and grateful I am.
(I don't deserve this you guyss)

You guys have been showing so much support for the senseless things I draw that I don't think I can ever thank you all enough.
; v ;

You all deserve some cake.

So, I picked out the winners for the giveaway today
and they are

Congrats you guys and I really hope you'll like the tiny little painting!

Number at the bottom represents which painting you got!

Thank you again to you lovely people on Instagram for participating and for liking what I draw and stuff, also to everyone on twitter, tumblr, here, everywhere,
it means a whole lot to me. c':

I will update soon so hope you guys will look forward to it.♥

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