Thursday, 25 April 2013


Just a couple of shape doodles I did today.
Some stuff from the past few days!

I'll post up recent junk from my sketchbook once I decided to walk to my scanner so, I shall end with a lil' fox fella' doodled today

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Messy Me.

Bigger image of this fella' here


The last few days have been great therefore I decided to talk/show about it, pardon the blabber you guys, I hope some sketches and stuff will make up for it!

(It's going to be messy cause' I'm bad at this blogging thing)


I attended the 2nd French Animation Film Festival over the weekends and it was just fantastic, all the films I watched are really great though the 1st festival's programme was more fun.
More new movies added to my re-watch list and I'm going to recommend, well, most of them to you guys!
(I'm not good with descriptions btw)

"Une Vie De Chat"

I really really love this movie, kids should really watch this, it's a lot of fun to watch, a cat that is a pet during the day, sort of a burglar by night? No reason to not watch. :B The art style and animation is just lovely, literally kept me at the edge of my seat when I first watched this.

"The Painting"

This is a beautiful film and absolutely love the concept and music.
Been wanting to watch this for a long time ever since I watched the trailer and just blown away by it.
In my opinion, a must watch.

"The Suicide Shop"

Another that I looked forward to during the festival!
I knew almost nothing about the movie before watching, just really intrigued by the title and like the designs, that made watching the film kinda like a surprise. 
I don't want to spoil it but if you do watch it, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Another that kids should watch cause it's cute looking and has a beautiful story about Mia(she is one heck of an eight year old) who sets out to find her father.

"A Monster in Paris"

Another incredibly enjoyable film to watch, the poster is giving away a bit of spoilers but don't go finding out what the monster is before watching cause' that's kinda the best part.


"The Tripletes of Belleville"

Some of you might have heard/watched of this film?
Anyhoo, it barely has any dialogue but it's kind of a badass film in my opinion. The designs are really awesome and it's about a grandma & her dog going after her kidnapped grandson.

So, wow, not even halfway with the post 
and it's already so long.
Before I move on, I hope you guys will enjoy these films if you do ever watch them!


Now, on to drawing things.

I've been trying to work bigger lately besides trying to be more productive, have a few paintings that I'm still working on, hoping to finish it soon
but for now, big doodle that some of you might have seen

Took me long enough to think of drawing on this stack of thin toned papers which have been lying around for a while now.
 A lot of fun to work with and very much reminds me of drawing on newsprint except I can use white pastels on this.

I gotta' make more of these tiny, tiny stickers.

Spent the last two days packing the house and these are just some of the art supplies I found hidden in my house.
It's like easter when I pack, except I don't find eggs,
just lots and lots of art stuff (I get all excited when I find them), files, old precious things,
overseas treasure and files.

Talking about art supplies, check out my treasure chest of pens and stuff.

I also saw a fair amount of delicious looking bread
ate some.
Here's a recent doodle of a boy with a very short baseball bat.
some old sketches/doodles to end this off

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Roar goes the tiger.

Sketches for a recent collaboration work I did 
with my friend Mark.
I've never really drawn tigers before so this was a bit of a challenge but it was super fun to work on!

Thinking of making some of these into stickers c:

This is the finally tiger I painted,
view the final piece here


Also, a quick doodle I just did cause he has been stuck in my head for a while now, feel like animating those eyes.