Saturday, 1 June 2013


I had my graduation ceremony yesterday so, I have officially graduated, with the fancy gown, certificate and everything!

I'm writing this mostly because my friend, Timotheus wrote about his experience in school, you guys should give it a read if you can cause it's always interesting to read about people's experiences and I thought I'd share some thoughts of mine too!
Pardon if this gets a bit long but I'm gonna' show some old school stuff(I got lazy with picking out drawings so don't expect lots of them. :T) so hope you guys might enjoy reading this somehow.

I've wanted to pursue art for as long as I can remember but after high school, I didn't really know where to go, drawing was all I wanted to do, but one of my art teachers recommended the animation course in Nanyang Polytechnic & with some persuasion from a good friend, we applied and I couldn't be happier to have joined the course.

Year 1 drawing you guys!
This was like from part 2 of the first project we did.

Barely knowing anything animation related when I started school, everything taught was just super cool, from life drawing, storyboarding, 3D classes, etc, it was like I entered a completely different world or something and that is also when I really started to develop as an artist(if I can call myself one!)

First storyboarding assignment!
It's still one of my favourites for some reason.

Still from my first 3D project done with a friend done in year 1 as well, just look at it man.
I'm just laughing and cringing right now.

Year 1 was probably the toughest for me since the workload and environment is very different from high school, I honestly wanted to quit nearing the end of year 1 because the stress level was kinda overwhelming but I couldn't bear to part with the awesome friends I've made and also knew the school I wanted to transfer to wouldn't have been suitable for me, environment wise.
So I stayed on!

2D animation stuff abovee,
2D animation will always be a fascination to me, it's not something I'm particularly good at but though I struggled, it was definitely fun and it's really rewarding to see your character come to life after drawing frame after frame for hours.

One of my style phase thingy
My style has changed a lot throughout the 3 years, mostly because of artists influences, and that I became more experimental as trying out different styles is also something sorta encouraged in school, especially in one of my favourite classes, visual development!
I really really enjoyed this class, it helped me with coming up with characters since drawing characters is something I love to do.

Below are from a test we did on the first lesson whereby we were suppose to do visual development stuff for Hansel and Gretel.
(These are from Year 2)

Year 2 was incredibly enjoyable, I think that is also when we had to start going out to draw people in public places, animals in the zoo, just lots of drawing in general. 

Then came Year 3,
which I came up with my first children book!
It was a year whereby we got to attend classes that really cater(?) to our individual interests, final year project and internship. I had a lot of fun as not only did I get to draw most of the time, we had a lot of freedom to do whatever we want as long as it is relevant to the assignment requirements, they were really personal so it was great working on them.
Then there was Fusion after, which is our graduation show, the event to showcase 3 years of work and it was fantastic!

It has been tough but I've learnt so much in 3 years which flew by so quickly it's weird, so it's been seriously awesome, especially when you're surrounded by people who have the same passion. Those sleepless nights rushing assignments were worth it. 
I couldn't thank the lecturers enough for their guidance, really an honour to have been taught by them!

Now, I say hello to adulthood.


I'm terrible with words but hopefully this is interesting somehow!

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  1. I was looking back at my old stuff and found my way back here! You have improved sooooooooo much!! I bet you're glad you didn't quit after year 1 heh heh (: