Saturday, 13 July 2013

Doodle Party!

It's been a while!
So, I'm going to dump a whole bunch of recent doodles,
hope you guys like them. c:  

Before the doodles, Paul Harrison drew the dude character I whipped up some time ago! 
He totally captured his personality, haha
Thank you so much again Paul!

So I did a little sketch of Paul's urban animal characters which I'm a big fan of, to thank him for drawing dudeee. Do go check out his works, they are adorable and funny!

I had a doodle party with a few friends not very long ago on google hangout, so below are the silly stuff I drew.

I'm dedicating Mr. Ham to incredibly talented friend, Leia!

My internet wasn't being very nice during the whole session so I drew a grumpy mouse/rat.

He reminds me of Tutter from "Bear in the Big Blue House",
who is my favourite character in the show
And, finally, sketchbook doodless

Drew a whole bunch of big faces today.
These were super fun to do!

Going to end this post with a simple fanart I did of awesomely talented James Castillo's design that you can check out here!
Do check out his works cause they are amazingg

Have a great weekend you guys!