Friday, 2 August 2013

Rumbling Ramblings

Speedy update with a senseless title 
terrible drawings of myself rambling.

See this mess of terribly drawn me in full view!
*It looks a lot worse in my sketchbook, I tried to clean it up in photoshop*

Anyway, so do any of you have the problem with drawing on the first page of a sketchbook?

Cause' I sure do.
Whenever I attempt to draw something on the first page, I always try to make it nice and then drawing on the rest of the pages becomes a bit stressful cause I've kinda set the 'standard' of the drawings I need to have in the sketchbook because of that first page.
But this rarely happens sooo, 
more blank first pages!

I know I draw myself too much but I've decided to draw myself right for once, hopefully this weekend.
(Why am I still struggling with left and right.. U_U)

And here's a doodle done at work on the same day that's less painful to the eyes.

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