Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sketchbook Residents

Bout' time I load up some sketches.
No fancy coloured doodles this time, most of them I posted on Instagram but they are the more decent looking sketches in my sketchbook so far.

Not so fun fact : I used to never draw dragons at all cause I found it really hard until I got the artbook for 'How to Train Your Dragon' & watched the movie. And now, I draw them when I'm stumped on what to draw which is pretty often.

I really like these 'Space Post' stuff I've been doodling, hoping to maybe colour one or two of them when I've got the time.

Like this critter as well so threw some colour on it, calling him Swamp Warrior for now.

Lil' happy frog doodle for a  friend's birthday c:

Ok, the only fancy coloured doodle to end off the post.
A quick thing I did with the lasso tool on Friday.
Challenging to draw with the lasso tool but pretty fun.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Derpy Dragon in 3D.

I've got stuff lying around in my sketchbook & on my laptop so will try to post them up soon.

In the meantime, guess what, I got fanart 
in 3D! 
My talented, not to mention, awesome friend, Ivan modelled my derpy dragon doodle (which I have to thank him for since he suggested derpy dragons as a theme) because he liked it for some reason, haha.

He even rendered out a turntable, whoop whoop!
(I apologise for the video quality, I used the default video uploader on blogger and it killed it. U_U)
It's always cool to see something done in 2D turned into 3D & this wasn't even a proper drawing.

Thank you so much again Ivan!

Do go check out his other works, he does mostly matte painting, concept design and well, he's multi-talented, so clickity click on one of those links below.