Sunday, 29 June 2014

Inspired Gouache Fun

Dumping some sketchbook things from this month since June is coming to an end.

Silly griffins:B

Was rather fond of the sketch, decided to try a slightly different colouring process

I recently got "The Art & Flair of Mary Blair" art book after contemplating for months and months and gosh, it's wonderful! She's always been a huge inspiration so couldn't be happier to add it to my bookshelf c:
So I started doing 3x5" gouache sketches, some very Mary Blair inspired of course, in the morning before work when I can,(well, a few done late at night) really enjoying it so far! Hopefully I'll get better at gouache & colour!

I got to attend a lecture by James a.k.a Murfish this week which was very inspiring and kinda served as a reminder as well for me regarding character designing. 
It was held in school, vis dev class was mentioned which made me think back to one of our vis dev assignment which I had to design mermaids with the 3 basic shapes.
I thought of Little Red Riding Hood one night with the shapes and things somehow hence the sketches.

Welp, small bit of blabber along the way but hope you guys enjoyed this.
Till the next update, toodle pip!

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  1. Gorgeous stuff! And lookit those character sketches! SOOO COOL! I love how varied and dynamic they are and omg Mary Blair is AMAZING! And I'm really loving your gouache paintings, such beautiful colours and strokes...such a treat for the eys! I could go on and on forever, but yes LOOVE EM AND LOVE YOUR WORK <3