Friday, 25 July 2014

Gonna' be flying real soon.

I'm leaving for Tokyo in a few hours for a bento research-ish trip. *screaming*
It's my first time (I think) going overseas for research so I'm a little nervous about it. 
I'm trying to not pack all my art supplies. Actually that's something I battle with everyday.
My very good friend Lynn is going with me so it's gonna be funnn!

Anyhoo, dumping some recent-ish doodly things before I leave.

Been more busy lately, haven't been able to do gouache sketches these 2 weeks U_U 

My sad sad attempt to start getting into environments and things. These are studies from photographs though, how do people even do these things?! ; _ ; 

Fuzzy wolf dino fella :B

Still can't get all the Bravely Default Artbook awesomeness out of me head! More warrior sword merchant shizz things taking over my sketchbook.

(If you guys haven't gotten Kyle T Webster's dry media pack, I highly recommend it. I mean, look at those stroke textures!)

I don't think I've posted this anywhere besides twitter quite some time ago. I pretty happy with this and seems appropriate to post it now since I'm heading to Japan!

Pip is clearly excited for the trip.

Welp, any updates during the trip will probably be on instagram/twitter.

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