Sunday, 31 August 2014

Augusty Things

Things from August from the time I got back from the Japan trip~

Eli & Oli inspired girls!
Anyone else has spent days looking at their work?
*I'm not creepy I swear*

A lady was walking in front of me one morning and I decided to try drawing her from memory.
I have really bad memory

Go check out his work cause they are made of magic.

Re-watched Alice in Wonderland with my sister and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Been listening to the title music on repeat too.

Fellow mole bro, Timmy, draws the most adorable moles & I just had to draw some

Bears because of Animal Sweater Sunday!

Finally watched 'Nocturna' after forever and it is too lovely!
And the animation & designs and. Well. Everything!

For the ever amazing Krys & Abby <3


I wanted to do up a post with photos from my Tokyo trip but I'm setting up a tumblr blog for it instead.
Still in the midst of editing the photos so will let you guys know the link when I'm done!