Friday, 5 September 2014

Silly Frog King

Been asked if I could show my painting process some time ago,
decided to take a few screen caps while I doodle a silly thing.
My 'painting style' varies a teeny bit some times but the general process is pretty much the same.

Silly sketch first.
I actually like to grab any colour and draw out the basic shape and see what goes on from there because I can't wait to mess with colours. (This is just for digital stuff)
I'm learning to sketch first recently. :V

In goes base colours.

Next up, I'll start adding shadows/highlights.
Which is when my layers start to get really messy because I tend to add in certain details first before all the 'shading' is done.
I'll tweak colours during this process too.

Per colour, I'll usually pick a light & dark, and for more shadows,
I'll always use layers of blues or purples with the layer set to multiply/normal but with the opacity lowered.
I really need to expand my colour palette!

More shading and detail adding.
More layers appearing and they ain't even named. orz

Didn't manage to take a screen cap of this before I deleted the layer but,
Wanted him/her (I don't even know haha; _ ;)to have green spots/patches in the face but it wasn't working so tiny cheek freckles instead.

Finally, sometimes, I will add in a silly background which probably doesn't count as a background at all.
And recently, learnt to add in rays of light. It's addictive. Didn't add that in this though.

So yeah. That's about it.
This is, I think slightly more rendered than what I would usually do but, doesn't matter if it's a simple doodle or one with attempted lighting
the process is kinda all the same and simple, I hope.

sketch/base shapes > highlights & shadows > attempting to add details > maybe naming my layers

Also, a lot of heading tilting side to side is involved. I don't know how I'm not getting neck cramps.

Really just going with my gut most of the time, and going with the flow.
"This doesn't feel right" is pretty much all that my brain thinks about while I paint. orz

WELP, hope this was interesting!

Man, that background is so dumb, haha