Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Last post of 2014

The year is almost over. Say whaaaatt.
So here's some recent things, most of which are probably already posted on twitter.
Birthdays, foxes and Christmas covered update ahead!
A lot of Christmas.

 Gift birthday painting for the super fantastic, Krys !

Another Gift birthday painting for the twins of Weaving Clouds, we got to work with them for a thing which I hope to share with everyone next year!

Tadahiro Uesugi inspired doodle.
His work is always so beautiful, GOSH.

AND Another gift birthday painting, for a really sweet friend.

Dalmatian based on the beautiful Kyla.
Just look at her!

I want to draw more dalmatians.

Lil christmas things for lotsa' wonderful people


I submitted a thing for Naomi's Corgi Zine Project and I was struggling with the colours during my first go at it, so thought I'd post both versions. Really wasn't feeling that first attempt.
There's still one or two little things I like about it but ditched it and  decided to have another go at it but by doing a rough colour thumbnail kinda thing. I usually just get right into colouring and fix things as I go but this is one of those times a colour thumbnail thingy is needed.

Yesterday's lil celebratory doodle after rushing work stuff because...

These two fellas are getting on a plane tonight to spend christmas with my sister at Disneyland and we're going to hang around London until 1st of january! Whoop whoop

Here's pip all geared up for the cold with a lousy scarf I made.
He deserves better, after not having anything last year, hopefully I'll make him a coat next year.

Welp, that's it, thank you for bearing with my silly blabber and shizz.
Happy holidays everyone!

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