Friday, 6 February 2015

Flippity Flop It's February!

Recently finished up a few doodles I started last year which I kinda fancied but never got around to finishing.
Until nowwww

Now, on to badly drawn silly things I've scribbled so far in my first sketchbook of 2015 :V 
Been a while since I shared sketchbook shizz

One of the sketches I did while trying to figure out what I wanted to for Qpop's 'Unicats and Caticorns' show.
I actually really like this sketch but I went with something sillier because, WHY NOT 8V

Based on the dress from Valentino shown below.

Wanted to go over these ladies with the brush pen but too afraid to ink my sketches nowadays.
Shaky and rusty hands

Really into drawing potted plants and stuff recently after flooding my mind with pictures on pinterest.
Tried to put those plants in a room, got reminded of how I always just throw perspective out the window

Super inspired by momoro today so I drew some foxes!

Oh, and inspired by Marc Boutavant as well because I finally got to read 'The Day No One Was Angry', it's such a beautifully illustrated book!
So I drew another fox for a new profile picture

That's all folks!